Chicken Chow Mein the way I like it!

Chicken Chow Mein My Way

This is a non-traditional recipe done my way… hence me starting my own food blog to show YOU what I like to eat. I make good food that I enjoy and there might be a few hundred thousand others who enjoy it the same way… so the recipe police can happily take a back seat and let me get on with it. Here are some recipe notes to start off with…

If you’re vegetarian then I’d substitute the chicken for a meat substitute of your choice and the chicken stock with vegetable stock – it’s as easy as that and it would honestly be just as tasty! You have the option of adding more crushed chilies if you’d like a bit more spice as well as other veggies like thinly sliced carrots and/or cabbage. This is honestly the base and you can play around with it!

Lastly, this is the BEST kind of leftover – just saying!

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